Xdef2 Relaunch
Audit is Complete. Countdown is displayed. Distribution will be made after creating Uniswap Liquidity Pool.
1. When will the contract address be out?
Contract address will be out after listing along with a direct dextools links.
2. How will distribution be done?
The distribution will be automated to everyone that was captured in the snapshot.
3. When will the Xdef dashboard go live?
The Dashboard will go live once we get the price of Xdef V2 from uniswap which should be roughly two/three hours after launching the coin on uniswap.
4. How can members verify if they have gotten their Xdef V2?
The etherscan transaction will be shared with people so they can check via exporting the csv or txt file whether they got the airdrop or not.
5. What time the token will be distributed?
Once we create the liquidity pool on uniswap during the countdown, the token will be distributed to all at once. https://bit.ly/3sbjHHy
6. What happens to people who still haven't claimed the token from Polkastarter?
You guys are sorted too. No need to claim those token and waste your gas fees. We have taken the snapshot of all the holders who haven't claimed it yet. It will be delivered to your wallet addresses.

Incentive decided for Holders.

We listen to our community members, after considering their request, here's what we have decided to do. 2% of the team tokens are reserved for holders.
25% of the 2% will be distributed to people who will hold xdef2 till the first rebase.
For the remainder 75%
A random snapshot will be taken on any given day before the rebase happens. Certain % will be distributed at a regular interval until the entire % is exhausted. (The Distribution list will be shared via etherscan transaction).
10 eth for 3 random days will be used to buyback Xdef2 coins and it will be sent into geyser (Liquidity Mining) contract.
There will be liquidity mining pool setup on Combstake.com for Xdef2. You can stake xdef-eth pair on Combstake.com to earn Comb tokens.
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