Token Metrics

Ecosystem - 21%

Ecosystem - 21% Xdef tokens reserved for future ecosystem objectives like partnerships, marketing, exchange listings, etc.

• 10% released instantly.

• Tokens released in traunches over 36 months

• 0.65% released monthly

Geyser - 18%

Xdef tokens allocated for the first of its kind liquidity staking rewards program: Geyser, This is a “launchpad” allocation. In the future, the Geyser replenishes itself at every rebase, making it a uniquely self-sustaining liquidity staking program.

• Tokens reserved and not circulating until deployed into the Geyser.

Foundation- 9%

Team - 9% Xdef Token allocated for the Xdef Protocol Foundation; current team members and future hires. Team tokens are locked then released in traunches to demonstrate long-term commitment.

• Tokens locked for 12 months

• Released in traunches over 12 months after lockup

• 0.75% released monthly

Initial Liquidity - 5%

Initial Liquidity 5% Xdef tokens immediately deployed on Uniswap to provide initial liquidity at launch.

• Liquidity locked for 12 months

• 100% of tokens deployed to liquidity pool

Advisor - 4%

Advisors 4% Xdef tokens reserved for the Xdef Protocol advisory board. These tokens are vested to demonstrate long-term commitment.

• Tokens vested over 12 months

• 0.33% released instantly

• 0.33% released monthly

Strategic Sale - 43%

Reserved for Seed Sale (Vested), Private Sale (Vested) and Public Sale & Airdrop for Comb-eth v2 Lp Providers.